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Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

It is the Company’s policy that directors, officers, and employees should avoid any actual or apparent conflict between their own personal interests and the interests of the Company.

Furthermore, directors, officers, and employees are expected to avoid securities transactions that are based on material, non-public information obtained through their positions with the Company. In relation to the potential misuse of insider information, the Company has undertaken the following steps:

  • Educate the Company’s executives regarding their responsibilities to report holdings of the Company’s shares, and the penalties for non-disclosure under the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 and SET regulations;
  • Advise the Company’s executives to report changes in such holdings of the Company’s shares to the SEC in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535;
  • Counsel the Company’s executives on the sensitivities associated with the use of Company information which may have a bearing on the Company’s share price. The Company advises relevant employees one month prior to the release of the Company’s financial statements not to disclose any material information prior to disclosure of such information to the SET and the board of directors; and
  • Remind the Company’s directors, executives, employees, and officers, that they and their respective spouses and dependents, are prohibited from using the Company’s information to sell, buy, transfer or receive any transfer of the Company’s shares before such information is disclosed to the public. Any such use may violate applicable laws and subject the individual to disciplinary action by the Company.