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Our board of directors may recommend annual dividends, subject to the approval of the Company's shareholders. Our board of directors may decide to pay to our shareholders such interim dividends as appear to the directors to be justified by our profits. Distribution of an interim dividend must be reported to the shareholders at the next general meeting of shareholders following the meeting of our board of directors approving the interim dividend.

It is the current policy of our board of directors to recommend to our shareholders a dividend of not less than 40% of net profits after deduction of all specified reserves, subject to our investment plans, applicable laws, contingencies and other relevant considerations. The actual dividend payout ratio may vary above or below the level indicated in our dividend policy and is subject to the risks outlined in our regulatory filings.

Dividend payments

Board Date X-Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend
(Baht per share)
04/09/18 19/09/18 02/10/18 Cash Dividend 0.20
14/03/18 03/05/18 22/05/18 Cash Dividend 1.00
20/03/17     No Dividend 0.00
11/03/16     No Dividend 0.00
12/03/15     No Dividend 0.00
21/03/14     No Dividend 0.00
14/03/13 30/04/13 23/05/13 Cash Dividend 0.05
14/03/12 04/05/12 25/05/12 Cash Dividend 0.05
02/09/11 16/09/11 29/09/11 Cash Dividend 0.20
14/03/11 09/05/11 26/05/11 Cash Dividend 0.20
25/03/10 04/05/10 26/05/10 Cash Dividend 0.25
31/08/09 11/09/09 28/09/09 Cash Dividend 0.25