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Disclosure and Transparency

The Company expects compliance with its standards of integrity throughout the organization and will not tolerate employees who achieve results by violating laws or Company policies.

It is expected that all transactions are appropriately and accurately reflected in the Company’s books and records. The falsification of books and records or the creation or maintenance of any off-the-record bank accounts is strictly prohibited.

It is the Company’s policy to make full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosures in reports and documents that the Company files with the authorities or in other public communications. Relevant information is disclosed to shareholders in accordance with applicable laws. In the past year, the Company disclosed essential matters as required by relevant rules and regulations through the Stock Exchange of Thailand in a timely manner. Financial reports and relevant information are also posted on the Company’s website (

Moreover, the Company’s Investor Relations function serves as a focal point to conduct investor relations activities and ensure effective communication with investors and securities analysts. Various communication channels and methods are utilized including the Company’s website, quarterly analyst meetings, company visits, e-mails, and telephone calls. A direct IR phone line (02 262-4788) and e-mail ( are also provided for convenience.